13199 Elk Run Road Bealeton, VA.

Why Choose Our Beef, over traditional beef?

People choose our beef over the traditional beef sold in large supermarket chains because of its excellent nutritional value, quality, availability and of course its outstanding taste. Longhorn beef is about 95% lean naturally.

 We are a local company located @ 13199 Elk Run Rd. Bealeton, Virginia, who also processes their beef locally, we are able to provide our clients with a fresher and tastier product. Local products are exposed to less stresses because the time it takes to get from processing to the consumer is much shorter. Local products are not shipped long distances and are not washed in factory solutions. These factors make for a tastier product.

We never process more beef than we can sell quickly which ensures that our customers are getting a high quality product that has never been sitting on the shelves for weeks at a time. Our beef is processed according to USDA standards and is immediately vacuum packaged and frozen to seal in the freshest taste possible.

Our beef is free range, grass fed, hormone and steroid free

Our prices may be slightly higher than your local store. The quality, flavor and health benifits are much higher. You and your family are worth it.

Do you know what's in your beef?  We Do!

For questions or farm tour info; please; E-mail Lee at

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