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Sherbeyn's Longhorn Beef
Bealeton, VA



Sherbeyn’s Longhorn Beef Products is owned and operated by Lee Sherbeyn @ 13199 Elk Run Rd. Bealeton, Virginia, and is the product of many years of admiration for the Texas Longhorn breed and its benefits as a beef product.

Originally growing up in the Illinois farming communities, Lee and his wife Debbie found Virginia while Lee was in the Service, spending his last five years of eight years of active duty at Ft. Myer, Virginia with the Third U.S. Infantry, “The Old Guard”. After the Service in 1981 they moved back to Illinois for a short time and decided in 1984 that Virginia had better employment opportunities and was the place they wanted to raise their children.

Upon returning to Virginia, Lee became the supervisor of a local home builder and Debbie was the ranch manager for a Thoroughbred Brood Mare farm. Both loved the outdoors, the country and the farm life.

After three years, they found their own place and started a boarding stable, where they also raised their own beef. Lee had started his own construction company, building a few homes and doing lots of remodeling and home repairs. In 1992, Lee and Debbie moved to a twenty-one acre farm in southern Fauquier County.

In 1995 Lee was in a plane crash in the Bighorn Mountains. While recuperating, he decide that he wanted to buy a few Texas Longhorn Cattle from his neighbor to have as “lawn decoration” since he thought they were nice to look at. Later, he found out about the leanness and the great flavor from the lack of grease the Longhorn beef had, so he then decided to purchase three Longhorn cows, two of which already had calves. The cows escaped from the twenty-five acres the Sherbeyn’s where leasing the first night and Lee and Debbie chased them around Fauquier County for seven days! While trying to track and catch their cattle, Lee and Debbie met a lot of their neighbors and made great friends.


Lee began having the Longhorn beef processed for his family. He shared some of the meat with their new friends who ended up liking it so much they wanted to purchase more of the product, so he bought a few more cows and soon realized that he had too many cattle to keep on their property.

In 2001, Lee bought one-hundred ninety acres just three miles from where they lived at the time. He deemed their new home “Pay It Forward Ranch” so they would never forget all the people who had helped him during his recovery process from the plane crash.

Lee had started with two cows and was never going to have more than six, but now he has roughly two-hundred cattle, some of which come from hotly pursued blood-lines. He and Debbie also lease another four-hundred acre farm which gives them a total of six-hundred acres that they pasture their herd on and use to cultivate hay. They raise about sixty to eighty of their own calves and purchase a few of their herd as young calves from friends that they know don’t use growth hormones or steroids.

All of the cattle at the “Pay It Forward Ranch” are free range and never kept in feed lots, including those that are raised for veal. Steroids, hormones and growth enhancers are never used and strict USDA guidelines are followed in the processing. The Sherbeyns stand by the quality of their product and believe that the consumer will appreciate the excellent taste of a leaner, healthier, locally grown and naturally raised beef. E-Mail Lee at choicelonghorns@msn.com For orders go to our products page.